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HP Tuners Diesel Switch

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Change maps at the turn of a switch.

Diesel Switch by HP Tuners lets you power up from a stock calibration to one of five custom maps with the turn of a switch. Pair with HP Tuners’ Switch on the Fly OS for complete control and performance of your diesel.

Diesel Switch features:

  • 5’ OBDII pass-through cable.
  • Knurled aluminum switch knob and position dial.
  • Six-position rotary switch.

There are many possible mounting solutions for the Diesel Switch in your truck’s cabin. HP Tuners offers two OBDII port mounting brackets as an option. Download the files to 3D print brackets for easy integration.

Switch on the Fly (SOTF)– GM L5P and Cummins CM2450 and CM2350 Applications

HP Tuners is proud to offer the world’s first integrated ECM map-switching solution for the GM E41 ECM and the Dodge Cummins CM2450 and CM2350 controllers.

This custom Operating System (OS) code modification is available for 2017+ Chevrolet/GMC trucks with the 6.6L L5P and L5D and the 2013-2018 CM2350 and 2019-2021 CM2450 Dodge Cummins trucks with the 6.7L turbo diesel. SOTF can store the stock calibration plus five additional maps simultaneously. Keep your hands on the wheel and select your map with the OEM cruise-control buttons. Change maps on the fly without stopping to re-flash your ECM.



GM L5P ECM Purchase/Exchange/Upgrade

Before you get started with SOTF and Diesel Switch for your L5P truck, an HP Tuners’ upgraded E41 ECM is required for use. The L5P ECM Service from HP Tuners gives you the power to tune your 2017+ Chevrolet Silverado and/or GMC Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax and utilize other HP Tuners hardware.

Take advantage of any of our three available service options—Purchase, Exchange, or Upgrade—to calibrate, log, and scan via your vehicle’s OBDII port. With any choice, you’ll receive an unlocked E41 ECM that is compatible with your HP Tuners interface device and VCM Suite. For more information, please visit the L5P ECM page.